Riverworld: Including To Your Scattered Bodies Go & The Fabulous Riverboat

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Riverworld: Including To Your Scattered Bodies Go & The Fabulous Riverboat by Philip Jose Farmer, Paperback
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Author(s):Philip Jose Farmer
Binding:Paperback (448 pages)
Publication Date:March 30, 2010
Publisher:Tor Books
ISBN: 0765326523
EAN: 9780765326522
DDN: 813.54

"Charts a territory somewhere between Gulliver's Travels and The Lord of the Rings."

To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat
Combined for the first time in one volume!

Imagine that every human who ever lived, from the earliest Neanderthals to the present, is resurrected after death on the banks of an astonishing and seemingly endless river on an unknown world. They are miraculously provided with food, but with not a clue to the possible meaning of this strange afterlife. And so billions of people from history, and before, must start living again.

Some set sail on the great river questing for the meaning of their resurrection, and to find and confront their mysterious benefactors. On this long journey, we meet Sir Richard Francis Burton, Mark Twain, Odysseus, Cyrano de Bergerac, and many others, most of whom embark upon searches of their own in this huge afterlife.

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