Last Guardian (The Stones of Power, Book Four)

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Last Guardian (The Stones of Power, Book Four) by David Gemmell, Paperback
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Author(s):David Gemmell
Binding:Paperback (304 pages)
Publication Date:May 28, 1997
Publisher:Del Rey
ISBN: 0345379004
EAN: 9780345379009
DDN: 823.914

"David Gemmell tells a tale of very real adventure, the stuff of true epic fantasy."
--R.A. Salvatore, New York Times Bestselling author

While the Earth quaked, a deadly power burst forth from ancient Atlantis. For the gate of time had been torn open, freeing a cataclysmic evil.

Only the last guardian, Jon Shannow, the legendary pistoleer, could shut the deadly portal. But to accomplish this he would have to find the shining Sword of God, said to be floating among the clouds in the perilous lands beyond the wall, where beasts walked like men and worship a dark goddess. As Shannow embarked on his impossible quest, demons gathered in wait.

And--somewhere--a golden-haired woman was dreaming of blood . . .
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