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Monday Nights in Jerusalem


Monday Nights in Jerusalem by Janet Burningham, Paperback
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Author(s):Janet Burningham
Binding:Paperback (144 pages)
Publication Date:2009-10-08
Publisher:Cedar Fort
ISBN: 1599553775
EAN: 9781599553771

ake your Mondays fun again! This priceless resource from the author of Monday Nights in Nauvoo and Monday Nights in Zarahemla makes planning your family scripture study or family home evening lessons so much easier. Preparing fun, spiritual experiences with stories and principles from the Old Testament is now a snap! Each section includes: A Background Story that summarizes the scriptures you are reading and helps younger readers understand the various Old Testament stories Word Quest that defines new words your children may not know Gospel Art Picture Kit References that provide exciting visual aids Suggested Questions to help you have meaningful discussions Treasures of Knowledge that give explanations to further enhance the verses you just read Don't get overwhelmed while planning a successful family home evening or scripture study session. Let Monday Nights in Jerusalem help your family grow together as you all increase your knowledge of the Old Testament.
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