After more than ten years of helping people track, share and discover things they love, with heavy hearts, we will be shutting down iTrackmine on August 1.
Please download your collection here: Export Collection.

Our Story

It all started one day in Best Buy while I was browsing the bargain DVD racks, and there it was "The Princess Bride" special edition for only $9.99. Well, how can you pass that up? I couldn't, but when I got home, excited at the prospect of adding this gem to my collection, I found, to my dismay, there was already a copy of "The Princess Bride". I didn't have time to worry about my mistake, I was already late for lunch with friends.

At lunch I told the group of my mistake and said "I wish there was a way for me to know what I have when I am out shopping". My good friend Dean (an amazingly talented programmer) turned to me and said "I can do that, might take awhile but absolutely doable". And iTrackmine was born.

For the next two years we worked to make iTrackmine the ultimate tool to manage and organize collections of all sizes, starting from a few Books or CDs to the Comic Book or Wine collections numbering in the 1,000s. Getting help from our friends (Geeks on par with us) to make sure the code was both powerful and fast, for computers and cell phones alike (although I think we all wish that 3G was even faster, but what can we do?). After all this work, Dean and I were thrilled with the product (as were our friends) and we were ready to share it with the public.

I hope you all find it as useful and enjoyable as we do. Have Fun!