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Robin Hood [Region 2]

TV/Movies » Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Robin Hood [Region 2] with Clive Mantle, Claire Toeman, Nickolas Grace, Robert Addie, and Michael Praed, PAL, DVD
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Actor(s): Clive Mantle - Claire Toeman - Nickolas Grace - Robert Addie - Michael Praed
Formats:[DVD] (1.33:1) PAL
Director:Ian Sharp
Theatrical Release:1983
EAN: 5027626212643

United Kingdom released, PAL/Region 0 DVD: it WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. You need multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player to view it in USA/Canada: LANGUAGES: English ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), SPECIAL FEATURES: 2-DVD Set, Biographies, Commentary, Documentary, Interactive Menu, Photo Gallery, Scene Access, SYNOPSIS: Robin Hood and the Sorcerer
Young Robin watches his home village of Loxley being burned to the ground by Norman soldiers and his father Ailric, who openly has rebelled against the Norman rule in England, is soon after brutally murdered by the Sheriff of Nottingham. 15 years later, the adult Robin, after his father's death fostered by the local miller, is caught poaching in Sherwood Forest together with his young foster brother Much and brought to the dungeons of Nottingham Castle. After having miraculously escaped imprisonment together with his foster brother and three fellow prisoners, Robin is chosen by the forest god Herne the Hunter to help protect the weak and helpless against the Norman tyrants who have taken over rule in England.

The Witch of Elsdon:
The beautiful Jennet of Elsdon rejects the amorous advances of the Sheriff's steward, Sir Guy of Gisburne, and is as a consequence accused of witchcraft by Sir Guy and imprisoned in the Nottingham Castle dungeons together with her husband. The Sheriff, however, realises that Jennet has been set up by his very 'susceptible' steward and thus gives Jennet the opportunity to save her and her husband's lives in return for a 'small favour'. This is an offer that Jennet just cannot refuse...

Seven Poor Knights From Acre:
Crusaders returning from Palestine have their holy symbol stolen by a blind professional thief. Fiercely hunted by the enraged crusaders, the thief runs into the Sherwood Forest outlaws, making the crusaders mistake them for the thief's accomplices. After a lo
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