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On the Road: 02-28-02 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Music » Rock : Pop : Country

On the Road: 02-28-02 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by String Cheese Incident, Audio CD, Limited Edition - Live
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Artist(s):String Cheese Incident
Media:Audio CD
Format:Limited Edition - Live
Release Date:October 15, 2002
Label:Sci Fidelity Records
UPC: 662102302927
Tracks:Disc 1

1. Intro
2. Best Feeling
3. Can't Stop Now
4. County Road Blues
5. Rhythm Of The Road
6. MLT
7. Missin' Me
8. Ramble On

Disc 2

1. Happy Birthday
2. Magic Carpet Ride
3. Wild Kingdom Jam
4. Rivertrance
5. Let It Go
6. Restless Wind

Disc 3

1. Family Shout-Out
2. Water
3. Land's End
4. Zoo Jam
5. Glory Chords
6. Outside And Inside
7. Chatter
8. I Know You Rider

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