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Lenka by Lenka, Audio CD
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Media:Audio CD
Release Date:September 23, 2008
UPC: 886972273228
Tracks:Disc: 0

1. The Show
2. Bring Me Down
3. Skipalong
4. Don't Let Me Fall
5. Anything I'm Not
6. Knock Knock
7. Dangerous And Sweet
8. Trouble Is A Friend
9. Live Like You're Dying
10. Like A Song
11. We Will Not Grow Old

In Sydney, Australia, Lenka was a teen actress who trained with Cate Blanchett, thereafter landing leading roles on stage, television and indie films. A self-described 'punk-ass art school student' and vocalist/keyboardist for acclaimed indie Electronic/ambient outfit Decoder Ring. She has flung herself into two new worlds simultaneously: she's moved to California and become a solo artist. Whether channelling our long-repressed terrors ('Trouble') or long-lost innocence ('We Will Not Grow Old'), her music evokes primal emotions, unblemished by pretense or cynicism and unashamed of cracking a smile occasionally. Lenka's fresh sensibility extends to every element of her music, as the whimsical, paper art, stoimated videos she creates.'It's a mood-enhancer,' she says of her record, 'I don't like it when people are depressed. I want to cheer them up.'
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