George of The Jungle

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George of The Jungle
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George of the Jungle makes your Nintendo Wii laugh-out-loud fun! Following Jay Ward's success with the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series, he developed George of the Jungle, a spoof on Tarzan. Although only 17 George of the Jungle cartoons were originally created, several episodes were added and remains a Cartoon Network hit among youngsters of all ages. George is so dumb, he thinks his elephant, Shep, is a dog. He doesn't know his mate, Ursula (whom he calls "Fella"), is female. George's articulate ape companion, Ape, often rolls his eyes at the futility of explaining anything to the thick-headed lout. Add a host of other characters, this is some zany receipe for easy-going fun. Now, through the Wii, you can enjoy playing some hilarious misadventures with George of the Jungle.

Swing into the jungle with George of the Jungle. George lives in and protects the jungle of Mbebwe, a wild playground packed with quirky creatures, vicious villains and wacky wilderness adventures. Hang out with his best buddy, an Ape named Ape, his friends Ursula and Magnolia, his faithful dog Shep (actually an elephant) and Tookie Tookie Bird. Laugh your way through an assortment of obstacles while collecting bonus items along the way. Just watch out for that tree!

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