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HIDEit 3 Mount, a PlayStation 3 Wall Mount Solution

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HIDEit 3 Mount, a PlayStation 3 Wall Mount Solution
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UPC: 798304082975
ID: HIM32975

If you are one of the millions in the US with a flat screen TV, plasma TV or LCD that is mounted to your wall and have been searching for a way to wall mount your Nintendo® WiiTM, PlayStation®3 120 GB, Xbox 360TM, Apple TV® or Mac® mini, you are in good company. Why pay thousands of dollars for custom cabinetry or even hundreds for a component shelf to hide your electronics or media devices?! HIDEit Mounts offers a variety of high quality and cost effective wall mount solutions!

Hide them discretely BEHIND your TV with a HIDEit Mount!

HIDEit Mounts are specifically designed to fit behind your wall mounted flat panel TV or LCD. Now you do not need a rack mount or gaming system shelf to wall mount a Wii, PS3 Slim, Xbox 360, Mac mini, Apple TV, DVD Player or Cable Box!

HIDEit Mounts is your wall mount solution!

HIDEit Mounts are a great way to give your room a professional look. HIDEit Mounts are designed with your equipment in mind. Why have your Wii, PlayStation, Xbox 360, Mac Mini, Apple TV, set-top box or other media device sit out in the open on your fireplace mantle, the floor, or on a bulky equipment stand? You took the time to wall mount your LCD or Plasma, now eliminate the rest of the entertainment clutter by wall mounting your gaming consoles and multi-media devices! With each HIDEit Mount, you can still conveniently access your gaming system or media device for changing disks and can easily remove the component for travel.
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