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100 Classic Books

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100 Classic Books for Nintendo DS
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Platform:Nintendo DS
UPC: 045496740962

100 Classic Books is the unique release from Nintendo that transforms the Nintendo DS family of handheld video game system into a library of timeless English literature. Compatible with DS, DS Lite and DSi models it is filled with 100 classic works from English literature, highlighted by works from authors such as William Shakespeare, Jules Verne, Jane Austen, Mark Twain and more. Additional features include the ability to adjust the size of text, place virtual bookmarks and even download new content via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service (broadband Internet connection required).

100 Classic Books game logo
A black DS flipped sideways to read books featured on 100 Classic Books
A personal library on your DS.
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DS/DSi is Now an E-Reader
A hundred classic tales of adventure, mystery, romance, and suspense, all in the palm of your hand. The system that already plays your favorite games now holds your favorite books. Featuring the works of the world's best-known authors, 100 Classic Books turns your portable game system into a portable library. It's as easy as reading a book. Just flip your Nintendo DS on its side, and your two screens become two pages. A simple swipe of the stylus flips the page. 100 Classic Books features two font sizes for ideal reading. Not sure what to read? Find a favorite with the visual bookshelf, or ask the book guide for a recommendation. By answering a few quick questions, you'll find the perfect selection of books—and maybe discover a hidden gem.

Key Game Features

  • Contains 100 classic books from authors such as Austen, Dickens, and Shakespeare.
  • Adjust text to small or large size to suit your reading preference.
  • Search for books that match your mood or time constraints.
  • Bookmark feature allows you to save your place in a book.
  • Download 10 additional books through Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.
Additional Screenshots:
Classic book examples included in 100 Classic Books
100+ timeless classics.
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Bookmarker functionality in 100 Classic Books
Never lose your place
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Multiple bookmarker possibilities in each title contained in 100 Classic Books
Adjustable text.
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Book search functionality in 100 Classic Books
Book search functionality.
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